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About Us


Hey! If we haven’t met yet, my name is Emily, if we have, nice to see you again!

I started onefive1 as a hobby in 2018 selfishly when I couldn’t find candles that didn’t make me cough. I grew up in a scent free home so when I went to university and a certain big box store happen to finally come to Canada, I went a little nuts with candles.


I then learned what all went into candles and found out they were the reason I kept coughing, that is when I also learned about soy candles. So I decided to take all the “junk” out and try making my own. You could say I quickly became obsessed. Fast forward four years, our soy candles are in over 55 retail stores worldwide, and homes across the globe! We couldn't do this without you♥


While our main pillar is soy candles we have also ventured into home décor/fragrance and have newly added bath and body care.

We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients to ensure you can trust & feel safe having us in your homes.

When I’m not in Ontario making a million candles you can catch me on the East Coast which is why a lot of scent names have that influence.

Chat soon! 

xo Emily