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About Us

Hi everyone! I’m Emily, nice to virtually meet you {although I do hope to actually meet you at some point}!

Here’s a little bit about me. I graduated school from McMaster University and have really not done anything with my degree {whoops}! Although I do not regret any of my time spent there because I truly learned so much!

During my University time my candle obsession grew! When I decided to make my own candles, I had 65 of those 3 wick candles—you know the ones I’m talking about!

However I started noticing I was having difficulty breathing and coughing non stop around those candles. After much back and forth my doctor realized it might be the crap that was in those candles. So I decided to make my own clean, natural candles, without the crap, yet they still had to smell amazing.  I’m proud to say, I nailed it! 

While you will primarily see me on this website and social media this is a mother daughter business. I partnered with my mom to bring this business to life! We have always shared a love of creating so this was a no brainer! She's the one who sews all the scrunchies because let's be honest, if it was me sewing...they would all fall apart! 

I also recently took on the undertaking of renovating a 1972 Boler to be my shop on wheels! And oh my gosh what a challenge that was! But I can’t wait for you to meet her. & yes I’d love to talk Boler with you. Hit me with all your renovation questions!

When I’m not in Ontario making a million candles you can catch me on the East Coast which is why a lot of scent names have that influence.

& yes I consider plaid and cheetah neutrals! 

Chat soon! 

xo Emily